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Commercial businesses often lock their doors for the festive break as the holiday season approaches. While employees relish their well-deserved time off, who keeps an eye on the building?

Enter EP&T's EDGE Essential, ensuring everything from HVAC to lighting, compressors to chillers are either switched off or operating with maximum efficiently during this period.

EDGE is in the background, confirming that energy-intensive assets in your building are on holiday, too. It's not just about turning things off; it's about being bright with what stays on. EDGE Essential delivers information on asset conditions and operations to help Facilities Managers ensure the BMS controls are perfectly configured for the holiday period.

With EDGE Essential, you're not just saving energy but also collecting vital, actionable and auditable data on gas, water, and thermal utilities. It's an ideal tool for tech-savvy property owners and facilities managers, especially when preparing reports for board meetings or legislative carbon reporting.

So, as you sip on your eggnog, rest assured that your building is safe and efficiently waiting for your return, thanks to the vigilant watch of EDGE Essential.