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The commercial real estate sector plays a crucial role in addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Environmental and Sustainability Managers are at the forefront of this effort, responsible for ensuring properties comply with climate-related legislation, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and implement sustainable practices.  

The complexity of this task is significant, given the stringent regulations and the need for data-driven solutions to identify inefficiencies and measure improvements. One of the cutting-edge tools aiding environmental managers is the EP&T EDGE platform, which performs advanced data analytics on data collected from Building Management Systems (BMS), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and submeters to provide actionable insights. 

Environmental and sustainability managers must stay abreast of the latest climate-related legislation at local, national, and international levels. This includes understanding regulations such as the Paris Agreement targets, local building energy codes, and specific mandates like the UK's Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) as well as environmental assessment methods and rating systems for buildings such as BREEAM and NABERS.  

They are tasked with developing and implementing strategies to lower carbon emissions, conducting energy audits, retrofitting buildings with energy-efficient systems, and sourcing renewable energy sources. Accurate measurement and reporting of GHG emissions are essential. Environmental managers must ensure that emissions data is collected systematically and reported according to recognised standards and frameworks, such as the GHG Protocol which is a comprehensive global standard for measuring, managing, and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.  

Beyond compliance, environmental and sustainability managers are expected to spearhead initiatives that promote sustainability, such as waste reduction, water conservation, and promoting biodiversity. Engaging with stakeholders, including tenants, investors, and regulatory bodies, is crucial. Environmental and sustainability managers need to communicate the benefits of sustainable practices and ensure buy-in from all parties involved. 

The EP&T EDGE platform is a powerful ally for environmental managers, offering a suite of tools that harness data from BMS, IoT devices, and submeters. The EP&T EDGE platform integrates data from various sources and areas within a building, providing a holistic view of energy consumption, equipment performance, and environmental conditions. This extensive data collection is fundamental for identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement. The platform offers real-time monitoring and alerts, enabling environmental managers to quickly respond to issues such as excessive energy use or equipment malfunctions.  

This proactive approach helps in maintaining optimal building performance and preventing unnecessary energy waste. By analysing the collected data, EP&T EDGE delivers actionable insights. For example, EDGE can identify patterns of energy use that indicate inefficiencies, suggest improvements, and quantify the potential impact of proposed changes. 

One of the critical challenges for environmental managers is demonstrating the tangible benefits of their initiatives. EP&T EDGE helps by quantifying efforts in terms of reduced carbon emissions, energy savings, and cost reductions. This data is invaluable for reporting to stakeholders and justifying investments in sustainability measures.  

The EDGE platform aids in ensuring compliance with climate-related legislation by providing the necessary data to meet reporting requirements. It can generate detailed reports that align with regulatory standards, making the compliance process more straightforward and less time-consuming.  

EP&T EDGE supports a cycle of continuous improvement by enabling ongoing monitoring and analysis. Environmental managers can track the effectiveness of implemented measures, make data-driven adjustments, and set new targets for further reductions in emissions and energy use. 

Environmental and sustainability managers in the commercial real estate sector face the challenging yet crucial task of ensuring properties comply with climate-related legislation and adopt sustainable practices. The EP&T EDGE platform is an essential tool in this endeavour, offering data-driven insights that enable managers to identify inefficiencies, implement effective solutions, and quantify the results.  

By leveraging advanced technologies such as EDGE, environmental and sustainability managers can drive significant progress in reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy, and promoting sustainability, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.