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The UK's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is one of the country's most critical energy-saving initiatives that aims to enhance corporate energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

We are now entering the critical Phase Three of ESOS, with compliance deadlines looming, which is why it's paramount for businesses to understand the scheme's requirements and how they can not only comply but also benefit from improved energy management.

The ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for large UK businesses to promote energy savings and reduce environmental impact. With Phase Three underway, the stakes have been raised. Companies must report on their energy use and set actionable energy-saving targets with a compliance deadline of 5 June 2024. However, recognising the challenges businesses face, the Environment Agency has offered a grace period until 6 August 2024, provided businesses register their intent by the June deadline.

A significant change in the Phase is the introduction of the Energy Action Plan (EAP). This mandates companies to identify energy-saving opportunities and plan how to implement these improvements, ensuring that recommendations do not sit idle until the next audit cycle.

ESOS applies to large UK businesses that meet specific size criteria, pushing these organisations to audit their energy consumption and take proactive steps towards energy efficiency. With the new Phase requirements, companies must submit an annual ESOS action plan starting December 2024, preventing any delay in implementing energy-saving measures. The introduction of a yearly reporting requirement significantly increases businesses' administrative and operational efforts. It necessitates ongoing monitoring, reporting, and verification of energy-saving measures, transforming ESOS compliance from a quadrennial task to an annual obligation.

EP&T Global's EDGE Insight and Insight+ offerings are essential tools in this journey, designed to streamline compliance and foster a culture of continuous energy improvement.

How EP&T's EDGE Insight and Insight+ can help:

  • EP&T's EDGE Insight and Insight+ are ideally positioned to assist businesses in meeting the n­­­­ew ESOS requirements efficiently. These products offer a comprehensive solution for uploading ESOS report recommendations and tracking energy savings in real-time across various intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. This capability simplifies compliance and provides businesses with clear insights into their progress towards energy efficiency well ahead of the annual report submission.
  • EDGE Insight goes beyond just tracking recommendations. It analyses building management system (BMS) data in conjunction with utility data to identify additional energy-saving opportunities, offering daily insights into building efficiency. This ensures that all building assets and operations are optimised for energy efficiency, aligning with ESOS recommendations and enhancing a business's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

At EP&T Global, we understand the challenges and opportunities that ESOS Phase Three presents. Our EDGE Insight and Insight+ products are not just tools for compliance; they are part of a strategic approach to energy management that aligns with your business's sustainability goals. By leveraging our technology, businesses can meet the stringent demands of ESOS and pave the way for significant energy and cost savings, demonstrating a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability.