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Building Management Systems (BMS) are vital in maintaining and optimising the operations of large, multi-tenanted commercial real estate.

When integrated with various components such as HVAC, chillers, lighting, and other plant and equipment, the BMS becomes a complex system commissioned by multiple service providers. Each service provider focuses on their respective components, but often, the BMS as a whole needs to be considered. This can lead to operational inefficiencies, resulting in less-than-optimal energy performance for the building.

This is where sub-metering comes into play, and EP&T Global can make a substantial difference.

Sub-metering is more than just a tool for accurate tenant metering and billing. It's a powerful method to validate the commissioning and operational performance of a building's BMS, ensuring that it's working efficiently and effectively as a holistic system. By installing sub-meters and sensors and collecting data from the BMS regarding operations, settings, and readings, we can identify any operational inefficiencies in the BMS and the associated systems.

Our EDGE Intelligent System acts as the 'brain' behind this operation. This cloud-based platform collects data from the sub-meters, sensors and the BMS, running it through a sophisticated analytics system. Our technical services teams then review these insights on behalf of the client, identifying areas of inefficiency and suggesting improvements.

As the client’s optimisation provider, we work closely with landlords, building owners, operators, maintenance, facilities management, and BMS teams to ensure the building services and the BMS functionality are optimised for peak performance. This doesn't just benefit operational and energy efficiency; it also contributes to carbon reduction and aligns with ESG goals.

With a constant data flow, our technical services team optimises 24/7/365 through the EDGE platform. We have managed and maintained trillions of dollars’ worth of assets, covering over 8 million square meters globally. Operating across 26 countries, including the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, we have saved tens of thousands of tons of CO

The common issues we encounter include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying large chillers failing to operate, resulting in smaller ones working harder and pulling more load.
  • A BMS PC failure causing HVAC to operate out of schedule.
  • Kitchen extract fans failing to operate on a schedule – this fix then generated circa £30k/annum saved from excess energy consumption.
  • PIR sensors failing resulted in the lighting staying on longer; this repair saved approximately £6k/annum from excess energy consumption.

With our comprehensive analysis, these issues are identified and rectified, ensuring that the BMS works as a harmonious and efficient system.

Sub-metering is a powerful tool in driving greater building efficiency and performance. It provides the data to understand how a building's various systems perform and interact, allowing for improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and lower carbon emissions.

At EP&T Global, we transform this data into actionable insights through our EDGE Intelligent System. We become your optimisation partner, continuously ensuring your BMS is operating at its peak, driving operational and energy efficiency, and helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

The power of sub-metering, combined with our advanced data analytics, creates a powerful tool to pursue a greener, more efficient future.

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