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Commercial buildings stand at the crossroads of modern technological advancements and a renewed push for sustainability. There's an increased urgency to optimise energy consumption, shrink overheads, and promote environmental responsibility. Amid this backdrop, sub-metering is emerging as more than just a technological benefit; it's an energy revelation, unlocking new levels of efficiency and cost savings.

However, to truly harness its potential, the sub-metering data must adhere to EP&T's non-negotiable, triple 'A' benchmark: Accurate, Actionable, and Auditable.

For the team at EP&T we believe that sub-metering is much more than mere number crunching. It entails positioning additional meters within a facility's framework to capture the specifics of energy consumption, from HVAC systems to office lighting and elevators. Such intricate data assists building owners and operators to spot and address energy guzzling devices and processes, promptly.

For commercial buildings, sub-metering provides a number of benefits from optimising a building’s processes and operations to identifying energy efficiency savings; when you measure, you can manage. Consequently, it arms building owners and operators with the insights needed to action energy-conserving steps and channel resources astutely, ensuring sizable savings.

It facilitates accurate tenant billing. In buildings housing multiple tenants, sub-metering eliminates ‘guesstimates’. It offers a precise energy consumption breakdown, ensuring each tenant pays their fair share, fostering transparency and nudging tenants towards energy-prudent behaviours.

The interpreted data from sub-metering helps champion sustainability amongst building occupiers. Insight is the first step to transformation. Recognising energy-draining sectors through sub-metering is instrumental in encouraging green measures. It's not just about cost-cutting; it's about making decisive strides towards diminishing a building's carbon footprint; cementing its place as a beacon of sustainability.

But what is the triple A commitment that the team at EP&T stand behind? Why is this so important in the world of sub-metering?

The true potential of sub-metering hinges on data reliability. Our triple A commitment ensures:

  • Accurate Data: Through meticulous calibration, regular upkeep, and the deployment of top-tier equipment, EP&T assures data fidelity, enabling genuine, positive interventions.
  • Auditable Reports: Time-stamped records maintain a transparent audit trajectory, a boon for adhering to carbon reporting, compliance metrics, and standards. Such rigorous record-keeping is a cornerstone for adhering to environmental legislation and compliance, presenting a distinct edge in eco-conscious sectors.
  • Actionable Insights: Data, in isolation, is mere numbers. But, when scrutinised by experts employing cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, it metamorphoses into actionable intel. This expert analysis enlightens facility management teams, BMS engineers and building operators, guiding them towards pragmatic energy adjustments, resulting in palpable operational, energy, and cost optimisations.

In the shifting landscape of commercial realty, sub-metering isn't just an add-on; it's imperative. Its success lies in data collection and translating this data into actionable insights.

But, remember, for data to drive change, it must be accurate, auditable, and actionable. And that's the EP&T promise, paving the way for a more sustainable and economically astute horizon.

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