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In the quest for sustainability and efficiency, building managers and sustainability leaders are constantly seeking solutions that promise and deliver significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Enter the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), an example of reliability in the turbulent world of energy management. It's not just any standard; it's the gold standard transforming the landscape of energy efficiency investments.

Coupled with EP&T Global's cutting-edge EDGE platform, IPMVP is setting new benchmarks in the industry, saving millions in energy costs, slashing carbon emissions by up to 21%, and even boosting commercial rents by up to 12%.

The challenge of managing energy consumption in buildings is becoming increasingly complex. Dynamic environments, changing occupancy patterns, and escalating energy prices are just the tip of the iceberg. In the UK alone, energy price inflation soared to 40.5% year-on-year as of March 2023, marking a significant cost of doing business. In this context, the IPMVP emerges as a crucial ally for businesses, offering a robust framework to ensure that energy efficiency projects are not just projections but reality.

IPMVP makes energy efficiency projects bankable, providing the confidence to invest in sustainability. It's not merely about compliance or meeting targets; it's about unlocking direct P&L benefits, enhancing competitiveness, and contributing to a sustainable future.

At the heart of EP&T Global's offering is the EDGE platform:

  • A technology solution that leverages the principles of IPMVP to offer unparalleled insights into building energy consumption.
  • A comprehensive solution designed to identify inefficiencies in real-time, enabling building managers to take decisive action to optimise performance without compromising occupant comfort.
  • EDGE integrates metering and sensors, providing a 360-degree view of a building's energy performance. This granular visibility into energy usage paves the way for actionable tasks that lead to substantial cost savings, optimised energy use, improved sustainability ratings, and enhanced asset value.

The real-world impact of IPMVP and EP&T's EDGE platform is best illustrated through success stories like that of Derwent London, an FTSE-listed commercial real estate business. By harnessing the power of EP&T's technology, Derwent London achieved a remarkable 21% energy savings as calculated with the IPMVP framework, translating into significant cost and carbon reductions. These initiatives, meticulously validated using IPMVP's rigorous methodology, underscore the tangible benefits of adopting a data-driven approach to energy management.

EP&T Global is at the forefront of optimising buildings for a sustainable future. With the EDGE Intelligent System, EP&T Global harnesses over two decades of energy efficiency knowledge, analysing billions of data points to detect and address inefficiencies. The results are compelling: an average of 21% energy savings and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions across its portfolio.

In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, EP&T Global's commitment to leveraging IPMVP standards within its EDGE platform is a beacon for businesses worldwide. It's a call to action for energy and sustainability leaders to embrace proven, reliable solutions that promise and deliver measurable energy efficiency and sustainability improvements.

Discover how your business can benefit from EP&T Global's expertise and technology. Visit to explore how you can take control of your energy costs and carbon footprint, paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive future.

For more information on IPMVP, check out our White Paper here.